A German, an Italian, a Frenchman, and an Englishme

…are debating philosophy. The question arises over the course of their debates: what separates man from the animals? “Technology,” says the German. “Other creatures have tools, yet none can match the heights of engineering we have accomplished. It is our industry that separates us from the beasts.” “I disagree,” announces the Italian. “It is our food. The creatures of the wild eat, but they do not cook. Humans on the other hand, create amazing dishes and new combination that make eating a most enjoyable experience.” “I say it’s art,” decides the Frenchman. “No other being can create art. From our earliest days we have painted, and now we sculpt, write and compose as well. The wild animals cannot ever know what it is like to cry over a beautiful piece of art.” All three now look towards the Englishman, expecting his answer. He takes a long sip of tea before answering, “The Channel”.

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plot twist, the Englishman thinks he’s on the side of man… because eh, Brexit is such a great idea


The American downs his double bourbon, neat, in one gulp and laughs, “Yeah a channel’s good, ocean’s better”


this a repost.


Of course the german would say technology, since german technology is the best in best in the world