A Kentucky tattoo shop is offering to cover up hate and gang symbols for free

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Removing the tattoos is a huge step in recovering from the brainwashing that is extreme racism. Reminds me of this girl I knew back in secondary school, whose father was a stereotypical roidhead covered in SS tattoos and the works. He sheltered her for much of her life trying to keep her around “Her own kind”, until she was about 20 and fell in love with a black guy who lived nearby. She eventually moved out with him and she didn’t speak to her father for 3 or so years, with him enraged at what he saw as a betrayal (a lot of his buddies and gang drilled this into his head)….until She showed up at his door 4 years later, walked him into the middle room and sat him down and told him he was a grandfather, and her boyfriend (now husband) walked in with their daughter in his arms. From what I was told, the father stood up, stared at his granddaughter and began to uncontrollably sob ‘like a baby’. The child looks exactly like his wife/the girls mother who’d died years ago. He had the tattoos removed by the end of that week, and from what I’ve heard is extremely active in his grandfathers life. Bit of a rant for this post, but I’ve always thought that was an incredibly beautiful story that I was close enough to hear about in life, like something out a bloody movie and I always enjoy retelling it. The idea that the love he felt from the moment he laid eyes on that child brought an instant, unavoidable wave of regret and anger towards how much idiotic hatred he’d harbored for decades and saw the error of his ways is what I’d love for any racist to eventually go through


One of the ways that gangs keep members from leaving is through their tattoos. If you have prominent tattoos connecting you to a gang, you’re going to have a hard time getting a job anywhere they don’t have sway over. Encouraging/making members get those tattoos makes sure that the only ones they can turn to for support is the gang. Helping to get rid of those tattoos is a very good step towards helping them to get out of the gangs.


The catch is they cover them up with dicks.


I’m always really happy to see this. I don’t remember where I heard about this, but apparently many white men join these kinds of gangs for protection in prisons. They don’t – or don’t originally – espouse these views.


Cool tat! (Reads “you’re oKKK by me”)