A lawyer told utilities to wait for the right political moment to file a petition attacking state net metering programs that have fueled the growth of rooftop solar. The lawyer later filed that petition in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now being consider by federal energy officials.

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Damn fossil fuel based corporations. They had the chance to OWN renewable energy. They were well aware decades ago what was going to happen. They could have driven the research, they could have established the infrastructure to switch over. They could have OWNED energy production for the next 100 years. But instead, they buried their heads in the sand and now file petty, pointless, abusive lawsuits to try to hold back what’s killing their business.


For those of you that don’t understand what they are petitioning against, if your solar cells produce more energy than you are consuming the energy is sent into the grid and the power company must pay you for it. Because you generated electricity and they sold it to someone else. The companies want to end this


Honestly if I had the money I wouldn’t be on the grid at all.


NC laws kept me from going solar on my roof. At the time I looked into it, if I generated more than I used that power was “sold” back into the grid for a credit onto my bill. You could generate a negative bill throughout the year but on Jan 1, it would reset to 0, and NO pay outs would occur. This have been 5-10 years ago since I looked into this bc I was very interested in not having a power bill, but once I realized there was no roll over or even slight compensation for the power I generated (other than no power bill) the idea turned sour for me. Going completely off grid was (probably still is) illegal for “safety and rescue” purposes.


Basically the same thing that has always been fucked up in the US. Rich oil barons get pissy when solar takes off so they pay enough lawyers to make laws in their favor. What even would be the point of this? I hate US law so much. “Free market” they said. Unless obviously you’re in the 99%, then it’s far from Free.