a meta-analysis showed how eating just a (raw) carrot a day could reduce a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer by 50%

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YOU CAN GET ABS IF YOU EAT CARRO, oh it’s just about butt cancer


The indigestible fiber in whole raw carrots can reduce free estrogen and help the liver too. I literally have been doing this for about a week, just heard it in passing and had some carrots on hand so why not. Weird how things line up like this sometimes Edit: The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon


> Because of the **limited number of cohort studies** and **substantial heterogeneity observed between studies** in this meta-analysis, further well-designed prospective studies are warranted to confirm the findings from our study.


So no prostate benefits from cooked carrots or just less?


Masturbation helps in the prevention of prostate cancer. So don’t forget you eat your carrots and wax your willies boys.