A Trump Tax Break Is Not Spurring Job Creation, Study Finds

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The whole thought process baffles me. Why would knowing that almost a year from now, I’ll pay fewer taxes encourage me or my business to spend money now, during a time of crisis?


For public traded companies I would think that true. For private companies only, I suspect that flipped. The way most publicly traded companies are laser focused on year over year and in some cases quarter of quarter stock valuation, dividends, and burst growth (M&A), and the top 1% of earners wealth tied up in all that, it was never going to happen. Tax cuts are fine to spur growth, but they have to be tied to certain metrics and those metrics enforced. Domestic full time employee non-contract employment increases and retention. Domestic capitol project expansion and organic growth. Increased R&D and product development. Hell, you could retune those tax cuts and tie them to re-patriate supply chains and accomplish more with those carrots than the sticks of tariffs. Or so I would expect. Tie the carried interest as Capitol gains to stock of companies doing that and I’d argue to would be almost guaranteed.


Plutocrats are not job creators. They never were. People with unmet needs and the means to fill them are job creators. Tax cuts just make bigger plutocrats and more people with unmet needs they cannot fill.


My fervent wish is that, someday, “journalists” will not attribute legislation to presidents…this is the 115th Congress’s failed and inopportune tax break.


Uhhh… the lockdown might have something to do with this? Lmao.