Amazing footage from the ESA’s Rosetta Mission

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stunning pictures, horrible edit. Had to pause at every picture.


“digitally enhanced actual images” wow. I would have said some were simulated (it just looks so weird is all i mean!!) really amazing compilation


Does anyone know what this would look like to our eyes? Would it be all slate grey or are there other more “colorful” minerals on the comet? EDIT: Forgot to pay compliments. Very cool compilation!


Wow, what a beautiful human achievement. It’s an amazing time to be alive! Our ancestors imagined that comets where gods, angels or dragons and they feared them. Now we are landing on them and understanding why we should truly fear them.


Amazing images, but to see them a fraction of seconds? Who thought it was a good idea to make it into a artistic film? To have such great images and flash them, into short burst where you can hardly see anything? REALLY?