An alternative for a salad

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Diet ≠ salads Eat high volume, low calorie foods


Alternative for salads? U mean for veggies and way to prepare/hide them? You can put greens in smoothie, make a stew with some blend veggies, carrots, beets, broccoli, onionis, potatoes, and put some seasoning and chicken or any kind of protein u would like Bake them, make kale chips, boil some beets with salt if u manage to get a good beets u dont even need salt they would taste sweet, do juices cellery n stuff Put cabbages, spinach, tomatoes in a burger/taco/burrito/pasta Be creative fine the things she likes the most and try to blend in some food so the taste or texture deppends what she doesnt like in the salads


What sort of salads is she eating? If it’s the typically boring ass American salad of lettuce with some carrots and celery or whatever of course it’s going to suck. A proper salad should be more akin to currently trendy Buddha bowls. Have some beans or legumes, through some or nuts into it. Have a mix of fresh veggies with some sort of protein. Hell I’m vegan and would bore myself to death if I was eating the salad I described above. It’s what I grew up on as a kid and always hated, but once I found out what a salad can (and should) really be it opened up my whole world.


I never eat lettuce salads but i love vegetables and proteins tossed in some kind of dressing or sauce. Broccoli salad with walnuts and bell peppers dressed with mashed avocado is so good. I have combined chopped up boiled egg and avocado. I make veg medleys with nuts and olive oil or pesto. Apples and cheese. Cucumber yogurt. Cucumber watermelon with chili flakes. Cole slaw. Potato salad with peas. Sweet potato in a coconut sauce. The possibilities are endless


Just follow CICO! Easiest way to lose weight. No reason to eat foods you dont enjoy. There are a TON of healthier options than just salads. I hate salads. If your girlfriend eats fish, she could have a can of tuna with some chopped veggies(onions, cherry tomatos, pickles, celery, etc), a tsp or two of veganaise and mustard, mix it up and eat it wrapped in lettuce. Burrito bowls! Think chipotle but made at home and smaller portion. Brown rice, protein (beans + meat or tofu/tempeh/etc.), sauteed onions and peppers, corn, lettuce, salsa, maybe a small bit of cheese, sub greek yogurt if you want sour cream… very customizable! The main thing is just finding out how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight and eating below that (a deficit). You can calculate your TDEE by using a calculator online and finding out the recommended “cutting” calories (but not recommended to eat fewer than 1200). She can still have treats, just remain in her deficit window 🙂