An Honest Liar (2014) “World-renowned magician and escape artist James “the Amazing” Randi dedicates his life to exposing fake psychics and others who claim paranormal powers.” [00:02:06]

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You’d think that time he embarrassed Uri Gellar on Johnny Carson’s show would have been the end of that fraud, but he was still grifting the last I heard from him….


Randi is important. He is fucking important. He was a stalwart voice for rationalism for a very long time, during an era where mainstream media and TV shows still regularly explored the ‘possibility of dowsing’ or ‘psychic powers’. Like, dead-ass, mainstream media would have these fucking frauds on and entertain them as if they were anything more than delusional at best, hoaxers at worst.. and he actually paid a price for all this. Hell hath no fury quite like a delusional believer of bullshit who has their land of make-believe disrupted, as he made it a point to do. They probed into his private life, they posed as federal officers to get intel on himfrom local cops (he was targeted for abusive investigation by local police in the 70s and 80s because he was gay…) It was brutal for him, but he never backed down. There really is no understating the work he did during that time. He completely shifted the narrative away from certain types of magical thinking and towards rational thinking. Things like psychics, tarot card readers, homeopathy, faith healers, dowsers were once WAY more mainstream than they are now… Way. He stood against them… and while the believers will always believe, their numbers are far smaller, they’re much further off onto the fringes, than they once were, because of his work.


His Ted Talk stunt about homeopathy was brilliant. This man takes down quacks faster than Humphrey the Bear


It’s on Prime Video for those interested.


What floors me is he absolutely busted Peter Popoff out meganuke level hardcore and *that* fraud is still bilking people today!