Anti abortion religious Congresswoman spends for $40 million on abstinence sex education

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As we all know, abstinence always works beautifully… not.


> “Abstinence-only means anti-science and anti-reality,” said McCormick. “These programs don’t educate children, they attempt to keep them ignorant, which puts them at risk.” “Ironically, the ‘ab-only’ crusaders help to cause the abortions they denounce because without comprehensive sex education and access to contraceptives, young people are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies.” Well said. It’s baffling how abstinence-only nutjobs don’t realize that they are directly responsible for increasing unwanted teen pregnancies which lead to more abortions, but at the same time they’re anti-abortion. Hey Bible Belt states, you have the highest rates of teen pregnancy (also incest), and that is nothing to be proud of. Meanwhile the Catholic Church continues to be anti-contraception, despite the *proven* fact that contraception is by far the most effective way to lowering abortion rates (combined with sex education). But surprise surprise, they’re anti-abortion too. Like…it is clear these people don’t give a single fuck about actually addressing factors which lead to abortions in the first place. They’re happy to keep pouring gasoline on a fire that they claim they want to put out. They’re happy to shove a stick into their own bicycle wheel, and then try to blame things on secular folk. What a spectacular degree of contradiction.


Hey kids! Dont fuck! Also, no having sex! For supplimental information: do not bang each other! I accept Paypal, lady.


That is a lot of money for doing nothing.


Even abstinence isn’t good enough according to their own origin story.