Anyone else disappointed with this Subreddit?

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**Anyone else disappointed with this Subreddit?** Yes. But, let me ask you a few questions: 1. What do you think is going to happen tomorrow? Green or red? 2. Do you think we are headed for another crash? 3. If we do get another crash, when do you think it’s going to happen because I think it will be in Q3/Q4 2020, you? 4. Should I invest in Hertz, weed stocks, or bitcoin? 5. Any predictions on whether or not we are headed to all-time-highs with the Fed printing all this money?


r/wallstreetbets, unironically. Just sort by DD and you will find some quality analyses


I’ll be honest. I prefer this direction. How many days out of the week do you need to be reminded “buy and hold mutual funds until you retire”? Lighten up.


Ah the weekly “this sub is shit” post. If you don’t like it, there’s many other smaller subs you can go to. This sub isn’t perfect, but there are sometimes good pieces of info and it’s a good place to get the top investing stories of the day usually. For example, I learned about Finviz from here, love the tool. Any large subreddit is just about karma and upvotes for the main part. EDIT: OP literally downvoted me right away.


Any ideas or suggestions to improve the sub? I am a newer mod , I mostly just remove posts that belong in the daily sub