Are protein powders more superior to most protein foods?

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Depends on your definition of “superior”. Superior acute protein absorption? Sure. From a standpoint of health, most powders contain fillers and additives, along with synthetic vitamins. Most experts agree that whole food sources are “superior” from a health standpoint. However if your goal is primarily protein bio-availability, whey protein has excellent absorption.


Generally speaking, getting your nutrients through whole foods is better than getting them through supplements or powders.


I drink a quality protein shake with some baby spinach once a day and try to compliment it with healthy high protein whole foods. The shake helps me keep my calories down and I find it filling so I don’t have as many cravings. I have tried to drink shakes for an entire day, but it gets old fast.


FYI if you’re a non (native) English speaker, the word superior implies a comparison by definition. You would never use “more superior” as you would use “more beneficial” or “more effective”, you would just use “superior”.


Certain cuts of chicken and types of fish have nearly the same ratio of protein/calories as many protein powders