As Restaurants Struggle, Cities Look to Cap Delivery Fees for Companies Like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash that Take 30% Commissions

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The customer still gets charged by the delivery service. They get money from both the restaurant and the customer on each order. If you add up all the fees it can nearly double the menu price in some cases (not typical but can happen for smaller orders.) As far as restaurants managing their own delivery infrastructure, it’s prohibitively expensive for most independents unless they are set up to focus primarily on delivery already. It would be great to see if local restaurants could cooperate to set up a restaurant owned delivery platform cooperative. If there is a critical mass of places sharing resources then it would end up much cheaper for the individual restaurants since they could remove all the fees going to doordash and grubhub (or capture themselves. )


NYC should just set up it’s own platform. Not rocket science, and make commission small with zero need to advertise. No need for rent seeking businesses like seamless.


I dont see the need for this. If the companies don’t want the service they don’t have to use it, and no reason competitors can’t make their own app with lower prices if its possible


Someone help me out here… Will this make things better for restaurants?


More instances of progressives blaming consumers when their revealed preferences don’t match the way their ideology suggests they should.