Avatar the last Airbender is helping me more than reading the bible.

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And you know what? They get through the whole dang series without condoning slavery or genocide! Imagine!


that show is legitimately great for teaching kids (and adults) some really important life lessons while also being a fun viewing. iroh is my favorite and he always will be.


Only 4 episodes in? Lucky bastard. This is one of the best series ever. And it only gets better and deeper.


Uncle Iroh also has some great things to tell ya.


That’s a great series. Something an Avatar character said actually came up in my mind a lot during my deconversion. Being raised Christian, and a very anti-LGBTQ denomination at that, I spent a lot of time trying to not be one of ‘those people’ because god would burn me forever in hell if I was. So there’s a scene in the second season where a character is commanding a ship and says to an underling “Do the tides command this ship? No. And will they hesitate to kill you if I throw you over? No. So maybe you should worry less about the tides, which have already made up their mind about killing you, and more about me, who is still mulling it over.” It made me realize something. If there is a god, it hates me and plans to torture me for eternity already, so why should I ever concern myself about what it thinks?