Being a baby must be awful when you have an unreachable itch and someone shoves a pacifier in your mouth instead.

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Or they make you wear those damn mittens.


They can’t even burp reliably without help. Imagine being that helpless.


You hate being photographed and held by all your damn relatives but all you can say is GOOGOOGAGA


I have a 9 months old right now and I constantly think, “What if something is actually wrong or uncomfortable and all we’re doing is putting the pacifier back in her mouth and expecting it to go away.” and this just confirms that I am not the only one to have this thought.


3 year old now runs up to me ‘mummy, too itchy’ and pulls up her top and demands I scratch her back. Whilst lying across my heavily pregnant belly. ‘Mummy, 2 babies kicked me’ when they get a bit squirmy from being squashed!