Black singer named Lady A furious with Lady Antebellum: ‘This is my life’

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I mean they could have done a quick google. Lady A in quotations and gone past the first page. If they did, they clearly didn’t care enough to reach out and maybe pay her out or even choose another name. The comments in here are ridiculous. She used that name for 20 years and it’s the name of her LLC. Even if you look past her race (which seems to be difficult for some of you), she has legal precedent to step in and protect her IP, but some of you seem to think she’s some sort of gold digger trying to get paid out? Get a grip, people. What would you do if it was you? No matter how you look at it, you have to admit that this whole story is bad optics for the country band. She’ll probably settle or be bought out or something. Edit: thank you kind stranger for the reward!


There’s poetic justice in the fact that trying to “show support” backfires so spectacularly with a person that really represents the movement.


The most hilarious part about all of this is that they know good and goddamn well that they have been pandering to their audience for nearly 15 years with the word “antebellum” and are only doing this to make the front page. And it worked. This is not news. Fuck I hate the internet right now


Is Lady B taken?


Also, isn’t the A still a reference to “Antebellum”? What good does it do to change your name if the reference still points to the problem?