Boogaloo Movement Tied To Murder, Violence And Disinformation During Protests

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Out of the loop here… what’s Boogaloo?


How is this related to technology?


> “Blackbird.AI’s system uncovered high levels of manipulation within influence campaigns aimed at building momentum and a following behind the Boogaloo movement.”


This title is prime double speak. I love Big Brother!


Lots of people ITT are trying to minimize and downplay the threat, just like they did with alt-right extremists and other white supremacist organizations. This is the worst attitude to have. It’s easy to kneejerk deny, deflect, or dismiss it because none of you are being targeted. This is why tech companies need to be held accountable for social media inspired violence, and thats why there needs to be more black voices at the table making tech policy decisions, because it’s easy for a white people to be apathetic towards violence that doesn’t affect them.