Boston Dynamics Shows off All the Cool and Terrifying Things their Robot Dog Can Do

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That’s…._cool_, and all. But what I get from this video is that the things Spot can do are, 1) walk, 2) carry a camera, 3) mimic vaguely animal motions that aren’t particularly useful at all but do invoke an “isn’t that cute” reaction in humans.


$74.5k! That’s not like for everyone but that’s not unattainable either. Just waiting for some youtuber to buy one


As far as I can tell these things are fucken useless if they can’t hold a load on their back, and if they dont have a robotic arm they’re good for fuck all, DC electronics have a limited application because of weight, so you combine the weight of the unladen robot+batteries+mounted submachine gun & ammunition drum they’re certainly no match for a late 90s Hyundai with ply wood hillbilly armour.


I’m watching this and all I can see is the highly glossed PR machine in action for the production of an army of killing machines. This is horrifying.


I wish they’d make a somewhat affordable micro version for home use. Like the size of a small cat.