Boy Scouts Announce Diversity Merit Badge and Support for Black Lives Matter – But atheists can hang.

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Fuck that toxic ass organization.


“Here’s a diversity merit badge, it will be required to become an eagle scout. Oh, but if you don’t have the same religious beliefs as us then fuck you, diversity doesn’t include you.”


When I was in scouts they never pushed religion on us very hard. There were religious badges available to earn if someone wanted to do so, but it wasn’t a hard and fast requirement, and you’d have to work with a priest/minister/rabbi/inam/whathaveyou privately rather than with the regular scout leaders. We had one leader who would conduct a “spiritual” service on Sunday mornings during campouts, sort of an optimistic prayer with a gospel song and 5 minute mini-sermon without actually invoking the name of any specific god(s).


I couldn’t make Eagle Scout because there was no Atheist merit badge.


I completed my eagle scout in 2015 and the only religious thing that was a part of our troop was the pledge of allegiance and the scout oath but other than that it was secular and educational. By my last year in it I knew I didn’t believe and never had but I just said the words and finished up. They defiantly have problems but they also teach kids things that no one else does and so they shouldn’t be done away with, instead they need to evolve and this just one step of many. Do not fault them for making progress that doesn’t directly effect you, they are moving in a reformitive direction and I hope and believe that given enough time and the right kind of push they will openly accept atheists and will become a better organization for it