Cannabis Stocks To Buy Low

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> Recent reports speculated that cannabis will be a major key in the future debt crisis and fast tracking legalization is now on the table. No it won’t be. I am all for legalization, but we have plenty of examples now and while Cannabis taxes are great, they are not going to be a major component of anything. It’s been legal in my state for years now and cannabis taxes represent only a couple percent of state revenue. Revenue growth has slowed as prices have fallen and while it’s certainly a net positive, it has not been the major budget boost many thought. So while legalization will expand, states and countries can see well enough that it won’t be magic. I really can’t see why I’d want to buy stock in growers or producers. For all it’s trendiness cannabis is basically just agriculture. It is easy and cheap to grow and the only thing keeping the bottom from falling out on prices is restrictive licensing. I don’t really get the sense that most consumers care that much about branding. I probably buy a few ounces a month and I couldn’t even tell you the brand of what I am smoking right now without looking at the jar. So what exactly is the value of these companies? That they currently happen to hold a little market share in a hyper competitive industry with little in the way of product differentiation? Further legalization is going to decimate their business as existing major players move into the space. Even the biggest cannabis company will be crushed by Big Agriculture. Legalization is great and should happen everywhere. I love being able to just walk into a store and buy weed, but I am barely invested in the industry. Only thing I own is a very small stake in a REIT that leases to operators. I might go for distributors if that ever becomes a thing.




I have 5 shares in $APHA and 9 in $HEXO. Those are business with future according to projections.


I looked at the technicals of $HEXO and it’s very promising. $HEXO has been having an ***abnormally high volume*** for the past couple of weeks. It has recently broke the weekly 20ema and is on the way to bouncing above the daily 20ema. As a cannabis play, this looks like a great option. **Ideal entry:** Low $1 ($1.00 – $1.30) **Stop Loss:** 50% **Target Price: +**100% up to $4.50 Start taking profits after it doubles. This is also a potential long-term play if you’re a true believer of cannabis stocks. Potential multi-bagger if the entire sector gets into a bull market. Good Luck!


CGC is more undervalued now than when it was at fucking $50 just over a year ago!