Can’t rent an apartment because credit is too low.

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Take a look around at houses for rent, they may be run by individual owner/landlords (vs. the property management companies that run apartment buildings) some of whom are less strict about that. You might have to pay a little more, and have a longer commute, but it might be preferable to the alternatives. Alternatively, look to the slums. Slumlords don’t expect their tenants to have credit. The negatives of that are obvious. Unfortunately, it takes a few years to build up your credit. Might want to start on that now while it’s fresh on your mind.


Rent a room in a shared apartment or house. There are plenty of people out there sharing the rent on a 3 bedroom apartment. They won’t bother checking your credit usually.


Why is your credit low? Have you defaulted on other loans or been late paying credit cards? Or have you not built up much credit? Look at it from their standpoint… would you rent to someone who has been known to not pay on time? It’s a risky click for them, it’s not personal. You need to look at other options like long term Airbnb’s, vrbo, extended stays, couch surfing, or low income/no credit housing until you can fix it up . Prioritize this bc this will follow you around the rest of your life


Not sure where you’re at, but you could always look at long term Airbnb to give you some more time. I moved to SF and did this for like 6 months until I found a permanent place. Just put most of my stuff in storage for the time being.


Not a great solution but if you look in… less nice areas, they’re FAR more lenient on credit. Just keep the lease short term b/c you probably aren’t going to want to stay there long term.