Child labor for shimmering cosmetics (2020) – Mica is a natural mineral added to many cosmetics to make them shimmer. But mica has its dark side. The glamorous raw material is often sourced from illegal mines where child labor is rife. [00:28:25]

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should cross post this to r/MakeupAddiction edit: feel like i need to say that i’m not saying this as a gotcha to MakeupAddiction. I’m part of the subreddit lol


Don’t worry, your tennis shoes don’t come from places much better.


Slavery is more prominent now than any other time in history, its just hidden better sadly.


It also causes progressive lung disease when people inhale a lot of it, similar to the diseases you can develop from other fine-powder inhalations like silicone and coal dust (black lung) … and asbestos, though that one is one of the worst. The long-term health prospects of these child laborers are certainly not going to be cared about by their employers minimizing inhalation and providing protective equipment, etc. So their lives are being completely destroyed.


Mining is bad in general. Mining rare earth minerals, some are a major component of modern eletronics, use an exploited workforce and really bad for the environment.