City commission candidate in Kentucky lights marijuana pipe in middle of debate

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Some people believe all good leaders are in touch with a higher power.


>Childers was also recently quoted in the Frankfort State Journal as being opposed to removing the Jefferson Davis statue in the Capitol rotunda in the city. Didn’t expect that when I clicked on this article.


Honestly, given the degree to which I believe decriminalization of drug use is a positive for society, not just in general but directly for the racial injustice and overpolicing we’re currently desperately trying to correct, I would vote for most any candidate that admitted active drug use.


As someone who’s lived in states where’s weed is legal and illegal – it’s a major head trip. In California I feel like everyone smokes or is OK with it but when I was in Texas everyone and their mother thought weed was the Devil. This was years back though. Edit: grammar


He expects to get 420 votes.