Covid-19 pandemic is ‘fire drill’ for effects of climate crisis, says UN official: “social equality issues must be part of sustainable development agenda”

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Yeah and we failed, on the way out people started to pretend there wasn’t a fire drill going on. Some people never even left the classroom and some who made it outside to the group got counted for their class and immediately snuck back inside. Then people lit an actual fire during the fire drill and a large group that took it seriously suddenly decided to walk back inside with all the people who never took it seriously.


How does India and Brazil feel about having their people live farther apart?


Unless it makes money, nobody’s going to do anything about climate change. We’re all fucking dead and I say good riddance.


A lot of middle class people went bankrupt and had their businesses ruined while all the robber baron High Tech billionaires made huge profits off the Covid-1984. Social equality is not a goal of the world government industrial complex or else they would be pushing a completely different agenda.