Ex-Muslim Egyptian LBBTQ activist commits suicide after getting arrest for “promoting sexual deviance” during a concert in Egypt. She was abused in prison then exiled in Canada where she eventually killed herself

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Fuck Egyptian authorities who wrote these bullshit laws, fuck the authorities that approved them, fuck the people that enforced them, and fuck the people who let those assholes into office. Also, fuck the people that let their religious preferences dominate politics. I’m so tired of seeing bullshit like this; while the rest of the world is trying to move forward, a few religious assholes are trying to drag us back to religious “morality” from centuries ago. Unless you can provide a real-world reason for something being a law, you shouldn’t be able even propose it.


Social media in Egypt now is a big fucking shitstorm against people who just wrote RIP for her in public! It’s so sad and depressing The only positive thing is everyday more people are supporting LGBTQ community especially young generations. The numbers are small but increasing!


Fuck Egypt. Fuck Islam. Fuck religion.


RIP And fuck Islam


> In her suicide note she wrote, “… to the world, you were cruel to me but I forgive you”. Heartbreaking, moving, beautiful, and haunting. That’s either the best fuck you I’ve ever heard, the most powerful display of grace and dignity I’ve seen, or both.