Exclusive: Massive spying on users of Google’s Chrome shows new security weakness

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If you download random extensions and grant them all the permissions they ask for, that’s on you. It’s like downloading malware and blaming Windows for allowing it.


I’ve noticed that almost all of the extensions or apps that get mentioned for security weakness I never heard of. Must not be part of the in-crowd.


Title is a bit misleading. This is about a third party extension spying and not Google spying. An accurate title would be more helpful as people need to realize that you can’t just willy-nilly download extensions and give them access. It is not just because of a threat of spying. But another big problem is slowing down your browser.


Why doesn’t the article, or better yet Google, list the applications / extensions that violated those spying policies?


Security weakness? The fucking user is the security weakness. In any system the weakest link is the human.