Facebook says it can afford to get rid of news

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Then do it! My crazy uncle shouldn’t be a news source.


Please do. My grandma got a video sent to her and had no idea how fake it was. When Facebook took it down (yes it was that bad) she thought it was evidence of a liberal conspiracy. Please don’t let these people keep going.


I wish at least one person in these comment threads would read the damn story. Basically Facebook and Google use other people’s news stories and don’t pay for them and people don’t click the links because they just read the headline and comment thereby cutting out the publisher. If the publisher does then all that is left is your crazy uncle joe as the news source. With out actual news publishers Facebook literally just becomes a propaganda outlet


Please do, just get rid of that garbage and have my feed be filled with stuff from friends only.


I mean sure, it could survive without links to news on its platform. But it can’t prevent links to news on its platform. So their statement is meaningless.