Facebook takes down Proud Boys, American Guard accounts connected to protests

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Good, the Proud Boys are a violent gang with hard fascist leanings.


~~Technology~~ ~~Technology Related~~ ~~Technology Adjacent~~ Involves something that has something to do with the internet.


American guard? That’s a new one


Why does the CIA spy on us citizens if Facebook ends up doing a better job? Not saying Facebook does a good job but I thought the argument for giving up our rights to privacy was that the CIA would make us safer.


LOL@Proud Boys. The word “pride” has almost become synonymous with homosexuality and when you append the word “boys” to it sounds like they’re out to prove their love of manliness. I guess we can’t be too hard on these closet case boys. I know that big oil companies and plastic manufacturers are the ones that brought bisphenol-A or BPA into our air, water, and food supply which is making men produce a fairly substantial amount of estrogen. BPA in the form of microscopic particles of broken down plastic makes it impossible for anyone to escape BPA consumption, and the key word here is high quantities of “estrogen” being produced due to plastic that no one can seem to get rid of.