Florida and Texas governors blame spike in cases on increased testing

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Keep an eye on the emergency rooms and ICU admissions, that’s where accurate statistics come from.


aside from how stupid these people are, and their negligence, the biggest issues were lack of federal coordination, and when there was, it was a one size fits all, ignoring how the virus spreads, and the lsg time from new york to florida to texas. its not just that they opened too soon, its that they never actually tracked what was happening in their community. pure ignorance of science.


At this point the metric to watch should be % positive of those tested, so that everywhere is on the same page regardless of number of tests, and hotspots can be identified appropriately. 100 positives in one place with 10,000 tested is not the same as 100 positives with 200 tested.


If you don’t test anybody we all simultaneously have and don’t have covid-19


Except the percentage of positive tests are increasing as well. More tests and a larger portion of those tests are positive.