Found a Washington Post stock bond certificate in a dresser I bought at an estate sale

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If someone tells you it’s worthless, make sure you really trust that someone. If you call some 800 number for investor relations and they say it’s nothing, it is worth the time to go to a financial advisor of your own and get a second opinion. Source: long ago my mother stumbled on evidence that her father owned many shares of an electric company. Someone didn’t give her an accurate answer when she called around. She almost threw everything in the trash. A friend of the family stopped her, reviewed, and there was legit value that my mom cashed in on.


Delete your post and contact investor relations.


Haha that’s not your stock. Read the advice here then delete your post. Your grandma passed down that stock to you, remember?


No it’s worthless. Send it to me so I can use it for toilet paper. PM me.


Someone is going to get almost $400k…