Fox News Lawyer Suggests No Reasonable Viewer Would Think Tucker Carlson Is News

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I think a quick, informal polling of Fox viewers would show otherwise.


Television is furniture. Being informed requires a shit load of effort and critical thinking. I recommend choosing a country that isn’t the US or UK and immersing yourself in it’s daily news. The car accidents and city council level stuff. You don’t have any reason to get worked up about it so you can really see what journalism is for what it is. My journalism teacher used to keep international (with English translation) and counterculture newspapers to show us how various biases can be transferred to the reader. Best part was reading the Journal of the Black Panthers, Pravda, and The New York Times in one sitting to spot similarities and differences. It was much harder before the internet. It’s still difficult but if your legitimate goal is to root out your own worldview and get straight information, you must.


No reasonable viewer thinks fox news is news.


“Fox News says Fox isn’t News”


I mean, they’re right. Too bad they don’t cater to reasonable people.