Germany Pushes Electric Cars in $145B Stimulus

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This is misleading. most of the money is spend on a VAT reduction and additional child support money to increase available money for consumers – nothing to do with cars or electric cars. Just a part of the stimulus goes to electric cars which will be subsidized with 6000€ instead of 3000€ I realise, the title doesnt specify it, but it does sound as if the whole $145B are going towards electric cars


Mechanical engineers at VW, Lamborghini, Audi:- years of academy training, wasted.


New technology with electric cars will be bring new challenges, who knows maybe instead of air pollution we will have electromagnetic pollution.


Why would taxpayers have to stimulate the economy with money forcibly taken from them when banks can create it out of nothing?


They should not subsidize electric cars it’s just a bailout for the rich hidden under this idea of “green capitalism”. These cars are actually bad for the economy Germany doesn’t have anywhere near a green enough grid to make electric vehicles worth the trade off. Don’t reward rich people for doing something slightly less bad. Punish them for doing bad things (that’s to say, tax them!)