Google resumes its senseless attack on the URL bar, hides full addresses on Chrome 85

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Firefox is still consistently better than Chrome


I don’t get why they’d do this? The article says because ‘long addresses are scary’. Is it actually to hide the fact that most Ads take you to a custom landing page, at a URL appended with tracking variables, carefully customized to make you buy something? Or is there a genuine user experience thing behind it?


So AOL keywords all over again?


So you can’t see that virtually every link from searching is an AMP link.


Why not just display the domain name or a specific length of max characters and hide the rest? Users can then click to reveal the whole address… If this is phishing related, this is extremely easy to resolve by making surer the main domain name is always visible in the address bar and cannot be displaced with long URLs. Of course, we all know that this has nothing to do with security. Google wants to remove the address bar because they want force people to use their search engine. It is a way to slowly close and lock down the traffic. Having the option to enter a website manually is just scary stuff for Google. They also have an interest to hide URL’s from ads and other advertisements because that is their biggest source of income. Next, they will remove all API’s that allow extensions to access URL’s, again in the name of privacy and security, but we know what’s up with that. Making ad blockers obsolete.