Have a job offer to move to Germany.

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Do it. life experience. Living outside the U.S. is a great experience.


Cost of living will depend a lot on your lifestyle. Owning a car and single family house will probably cost more relative to what you’d get in the US but Germany has great education and public transportation. It sounds like a good opportunity, especially if you’re looking for a lifestyle change.


Which part of Germany? This factors hugely into costs. I will say that having that much of a tax free situation plus getting rid of California income tax should be a big improvement to takehome pay. For me? I live in a very high cost of living spot in CA. Moving to a big German city like Munich would be a no brainer for me, cost of living is like 35% less. I’ll also say that I’ve spent weeks working in both Berlin and Munich and both were quite nice as an American.


170k$ is ca 150k€, which is crazily high for Germany.


US Service member living in the UK. Do it. Move to Germany. Adjusting only takes a couple weeks (maybe a little longer with the language barrier, but most central Europeans speak very good English and are polite enough to speak in English if you’re struggling). Living in continental Europe is an incredible opportunity. The money sounds like it’ll be either comporable or greater. Cost of living will likely be higher in some areas and lower in others. Used vehicles depreciate much faster in Europe, but food in wealthy countries is often more expensive. I’m sure it’s a daunting decision, but I don’t think you’d regret it.