Healthiest substitutes for rice and bread

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What’s wrong with rice and bread? I mean, don’t eat it for every meal. But both can be sources of nutrients


If you are just looking for lower calorie options, i would suggest riced broccoli/cauliflower. It’s super filling and super low calorie. I get the pre-packaged stuff (Vegi rice is the brand i think?) and it’s like 35-40 kcal for an entire bag.


I stopped eating rice and bread last year. Replaced it with high quality organic lentils and beans (northern, naval, black are my favorite). Lost a ton of weight and feel a lot better. In the beginning, the beans make you gassy but that goes away eventually once your body adapts.


If you are eating rice with curry, try cauli rice instead. Lightly oil a pan, get it real hot and toast the cauli in it until it’s browned but not burnt. Add a little salt and pepper. I’m a low carber, so I sling a knob of butter into it as well. Very tasty. Three out of our four family members prefer it to rice.


Sourdough is wonderful! The fermentation process makes digestion efficient.