Hertz, bankrupt by pandemic, puts thousands of cars up for sale

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Looked at the luxury market on the Hertz website and local autotrader app and it appears the Hertz prices are actually pretty good. Still wouldn’t buy a rental car, definitely driven by people who don’t care.


Submission Statement: I recall someone here (or on /r/WallStreetBets) mentioned they were curious about the impact that Hertz would have on the new, used, and rental car market, and what it would do to Uber and Lyft, who rely on leasing cars to their employees. I believe we’re about to find out.


Who wants a car in these environment? Auto markets could be hugely disrupted post covid.


This news is a little late. On stock market subreddits there’s talk of HRTZ coming back be of RH users bailing them out


I’ve never rented from Hertz, while I’ve looked at their pricing when renting cars I’ve always found that I could get much better deals through Budget or Dollar. I always got the impression that Hertz was focusing on the business travelers and their expense accounts then on the vacationers.