‘Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over’: iPhone feature will record police interaction, send location

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Invest in a dash cam, you can get a really good one for less than $100 that links to your phone via BT and can upload to a cloud service on the fly. I’ve had my dash cam save my ass in a fender bender where the other guy claimed I hit his car when I was not moving in a parking lot. I’m thinking of investing in one with two cameras, front facing and one pointed at the cabin. It’s anecdotal but my friend got pulled over and he has one of those huge dirt cheap dash cams and he swears the cops were extra professional to him after they saw the dash cam. Little did they know that shit hasn’t worked in months, he just hadn’t removed it yet. Lol


Me: “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” Siri: “Searching for grocery stores with pulled pork..” Me: “No Siri, pulled OVER! Like cops!” Siri: “Searching for iHops in your area…”


The ACLU also has an app (or, a bunch of different apps for different states) that does similar stuff. IIRC theirs will automatically upload the video to their servers for you, rather than requiring you to upload it like the shortcut does. Useful if you get separated from your phone.


‘Hey Siri, World Star Hip Hop!’, should have been the shortcut. That way you could use it for all the Karen/racist/fight/ potentially viral videos as well.


It is not an “iPhone feature,” but rather a downloadable script made by a user for the app Shortcuts. Still very cool though.