Hospital worker refused to get flu shot under the guise of MuH ReLiGiOnZ. She was ordered to wear a mask. She didn’t and was fired. She sued, claiming MuH ReLiGiOnZ again. The judge just ruled against her: “the worker was actually ousted for not consistently wearing a mask after declining the shot”

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Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from liability. Too bad she had to learn that the hard way.


Your religion does not give you the right to endanger patients in a hospital.


“Hospital worker?” Is she not a doctor or a nurse? > fired from her job as a recruiter in a hospital’s HR department Well, there it is.


Freedom of religion means your employer must make *reasonable* accommodations to your religious practices. Putting the health and lives of your coworkers and patients at risk is not a reasonable accommodation.


This is actually an example of mental illness that needs to be treated: Employer: “Vaccination is safe, extremely well understood in this instance and adverse reactions are extremely rare. If you have an adverse reaction, you’ll be taken care of.” Religious prole: “My religion says I can’t!” Employer: “Where specifically is your evidence of that?” Religious prole: “How dare you question my religious beliefs!” Employer: “You’re making statements that contradict reality – will you at least wear a mask to protect yourself and others?” Religious prole: “No! My imaginary friend says I can’t!” Employer: “You’re fired.” Religious prole: “How dare you!” How someone cannot see that there’s a mental health issue here is perplexing.