How come natural sugar from Bananas and other fruit don’t have the same impact as granulated sugar. (Candy cookies)?

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In addition to what’s already been mentioned, sugar in fruit won’t spike your blood sugar as dramatically as refined sugar due to the presence of fiber, which slows sugar absorption.


nutritionists have this saying… sugar is sugar. however, if you eat your sugar from fruit, it’s better than processed sugar, because in the OP’s example, bananas have potassium, fiber, carbs etc. — nutrients and macros that your body needs. plus, a banana is about 75% water. straight sugar is just…. sugar. you can eat too much sugar from both fruit AND processed foods. best to just lower your sugar intake regardless, but if you are going to eat sugar, go for a banana and not the cookie. your body will thank you for it. it’s real food.


Dose. You typically get much more sugar from candy than fruit. Nutrient density. Fruit has many more nutrients than candy. Satiety. Fruit is much more filling than candy. Type of sugar. Most candy uses glucose and fructose, similar to fruit, but some uses only glucose. Fructose has many benefits including a very low glycemic index. Fruit would also be better in part because of it’s fructose to glucose ratio. Lastly, sugar isn’t the devil some make it out to be. It’s more neutral than anything. It’s not a health food but it’s not poison and if you are eating mostly nutrient dense foods and maintaining a healthy weight sugar is nothing to worry about


They do. The big difference with sugar is that the serving size is smaller; people eat one apple or one banana and that’s not a giant amount of sugar. The sugar is absorbed a *bit* more slowly because it’s contained in the fruit, but it’s not a huge difference – 10-20%.


It’s not really that the sugar has different health impacts, but that they’re completely different foods. People have mentioned different micronutrient profiles, which is true, but it’s deeper than that. Most people do not binge-eat bananas and if they do it’s generally satiating enough to suppress appetite. 500 calories of bananas is something like a whole bunch. That’s a lot of food. A single Snickers is 280 and it’s not that hard to eat two and get hungry again a couple hours later. The reasons for this are complicated and far from fully understood but hopefully that comparison makes it evident. To give another example, with added sugar rather than candy. Imagine you have a jar of pasta sauce with added sugar, and another without. One day you eat pasta with the unsugared sauce, the next you eat pasta with added sugar sauce. On the second day, do you fail to finish your plate because of the added calories? Of course not. In fact, you’re more likely to go back for seconds, which is exactly why the lab guys at Prego added it in the first place, it enhances palatablility and compensates for the blandness of mass-produced shelf-stable foods. In short, sugary junk foods and added sugar have bad health effects mainly because they encourage overeating and lead to a caloric excess and weight gain. They’re engineering projects by massive food corps to get you to eat more whether it’s good for you or not.