how do you make your workout feel like a more natural part of your routine?

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Some say it takes 90 days to change your lifestyle. The years will pass no matter what you do, so make them work for you.


Are you trying something that works for you, or are you forcing something that works for someone else? For years, I tried lifting in a gym because that’s what I thought “dedicated” people did. Before that, I ran when I don’t really love running. Yes, you can force a habit, but is it really worth it? You can build a healthy routine through many activities. I personally have loved exercise classes like spin, yoga, and boot camp style classes. It takes all the thought and motivation out of it, you just have to show up. I’ve also loved biking, going on walks, and snowboarding. Not saying all of this is cheap or accessible, but at some point you have to decide what works for you and what you’re willing to do to have that. I also think that people focus too heavily on how their body looks as an indicator of overall health and fitness. I see nothing wrong with wanting a specific body, but I also don’t think that having abs or having slightly less body fat makes you healthier or more fit. I think people get unnecessarily discouraged by that aspect, and it throws them off the wagon as well.


This is motivation versus discipline. Motivation is a finite resource. Motivation is a well that eventually runs dry because you will not always feel like getting up off the couch to go for a run or lift some weights or do whatever it is that you need to do. Discipline is doing the thing you need to do even when you don’t feel like it. So you want to exercise every day? Then exercise every day. You make it a part of your routine _by making it a part of your routine_. Pick a time, put it on your calendar, and treat it like a meeting with yourself and your attendance is not optional. There is no hack or magic pill that eliminates the need to show up and do the work. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, show up and put in the work. Even if you’re just going through the motions _at least you’re going through the motions_ and that’s better than nothing.


Do it for three months


Having a clear tangible goal with trackable progression markers will help. Like say “I want to be able to lift x by y amount of months” As long as its realistic, you don’t even need to acheive it but having something to work towards can help a lot otherwise going to the gym might feel aimless and without purpose. Like in video games when you get acheivements your brain squirts dopamine which makes you want to keep playing- seeing measurable progress in gains will spur you on.