How to invest during this stock market bubble (macro economy point of view). Plus, how to invest like Buffett.

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imagine if instead of a crash in the Dutch tulips the sellers and landowners began buying all the tulips in a mad dash to stabilize prices and then the landowners began ripping out their wheat fields while forcing their serfs to plant MORE tulips even though they literally know the flowers were worthless just because they knew the tulips had to be purchased at the newly inflated prices otherwise everyone would starve hahahaha, can you imagine?


>US stocks are currently at 1.478. At the peak of the dotcom bubble that number reached 1.4. At the peak of the housing market bubble it peaked at 1.061. We’ve been above 1 for 7 years. I won’t say this isn’t a bubble, but I also can’t agree that you have chosen the best indicator.


Here’s my guide: 1) Tesla 2) Online Gambling 🤑


Thank you for spending the time on this and sharing it! This is very useful information to consider at this time. I’m being very careful.


Thanks a lot for this, super insightful. What would you recommend amateur investors like myself do in times like these? I am conflicted. On the one hand, as you say Trump will do everything he can to keep the stock market going higher until November, but if the fed stops printing, it could all end really badly. I recently pulled out of a lot of my riskier positions and am about 60% cash. Should I maybe buy some oil stocks as you suggest?