How to train while gaining/lose weight, why lean bulking sets you up for failure, and how I gain/lose without counting calories or macros

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Thanks for the in-depth posts on how you do things, it’s a lot that many people may never have considered. > PHUL, PHAT, PPL, etc, are all super popular and yet I see a bunch of kids failing to gain muscle on them, and it’s most likely because there’s too much room to slack off on them if you’re so inclined. I’m only vaguely aware of these programs just because of how popular they seem to be, but can you elaborate on what you mean by “room to slack off”?


Very nice point about nutrition for training. I’m definitely guilty of thinking about it the other way around, because I’ve always had what my parents call a healthy appetite.


Yeah I’m at the point where I’m 10 lbs away from my goal weight loss and I’m just tired of counting calories to such a strict point. I think I’m going to try for about a month just to eat less, and be a little hungry and see how this goes.


My answer might not be popular because I don’t really agree with all your advices. Your method works great for you nonetheless seeing the great results you got. In my humble opinion, I think you might be “lucky” genetic-wise with how you respond to training and nutrition. In my experience, I have like a point where eating more is not making me stronger faster but only making me fatter more quickly, even while training harder. You can only gain “so much” muscle per year as a natural athlete. I have tried different approaches like eating more and training more, which at the end or the day burns more calories so outweighs the extra fat I would have put on. I have tried eating at maintenance or a slight surplus, I had maybe a little bit less energy and trained a little bit less hard. At the end of the day, I didn’t have better results with one way or the other because one method made me eat more – and burn more calories (harder training), the other made me train a little bit less hard and eat less. I made about the same amount of strength gain and muscle gain in both method It’s all a question of preference and experience. I know myself and I know that if I want to eat more to fuel harder training, I get fat The vast majority of people don’t train hard enough anyway so your advices may be really good for people who struggle to progress !


Honest question: have you used/are you using steroids?