I can’t believe it worked, but a simple email to a generic support email box got a collections record removed from my credit report.

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Had a similar situation myself when I forgot to close my health account back from grad school and they did not have my forwarding address after I left. After the payment I called them and asked if it was at all possible. Within the next cycle it was out of my record. I actually first asked them if they would remove it if I paid. They promised, I complied and they stuck to their word. Always like a good ending to a customer support call/email.


That’s great. I tried this and was told it is illegal for creditors to delete a true collections mark, even if it’s been paid. Seems like kind of a grey area.


Do you mind giving some insight on the contents of your letter? I’m going to attempt to get some late payments removed from my student loans. I found a generic template online but it feels thoughtless


Sometimes it’s as easy as a phone call or an email. It used to work on banks when you were charged overdraft fees, not sure if thats still the case now.


Like my dad always says, “Always EARN your ‘no,’ don’t assume it.” Great news!