I combined previous Moon data and last night’s moon shot to create this. [OC]

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Didn’t know we had a bowling ball for the moon


Heard somewhere that you should image how you feel, not how it really looks. In such a tone, I hope I succeeded in capturing that image you remember when you try to recall what the Moon looked like through the eyepiece. It’s really an awesome feeling you have to achieve at least once in your life! I hope you guys like this composite, if you do, please share some love by visiting my Instagram (@jakicevichap) and giving me a chance to share some of my love with you as well. Thank you so much! Please stay safe and clear skies! ❤️ Gear used: Telescope: Skywatcher explorer 150p, eq3-2 Camera: Canon eos 600d Acquisition: 1x 1s, ISO 100 frame to capture the clouds and moonlight 300x 0.001s, ISO 200 to capture the Moon 1x 10s, ISO 100 to capture the stars 1x previous full Moon image Preprocessing: Used PIPP to frame and center the Moon. Stacked in Autostakkert3. Removed green noise in Siril. Adjusted weavelets in Registax6. Processing: Adjusted each needed frame alone, then later on composed them in Photoshop and camera raw. Converted to HDR using Photoshop and that’s about it. If you have any questions, as I’m sure some of you have, please don’t refrain from asking as I’ll do my best to answer each one as fast as I can! Thank you again and clear skies! ❤️


This looks like something that would be on an advertisement for commercial space flights in the future


I don’t know why, but most comments disappear. If I don’t end up replying that’s why. I do see the notifications though. Thank you all for kind words!


This would make a great screen saver or wallpaper..