I made a Budget and Expense Tracking Tool and thought some of you might like it

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Fun! I make budget spreadsheets as a hobby, too. I’m currently on mobile but I’ll check it out tomorrow.


Hi, this is exactly what I was looking for. If you don’t mind could you post a picture of some random entries in the transactions tab. I don’t understand the from account, tag, etc.. Thanks


Using this now. I love all the categories and auto categories you implemented thank you! I tried to open this on my regular excel but it made many of your sheet additions not work? However I suppose It’s just fine to keep it in a google doc session forever right? Also since I would be trying out your budget in June, now, do I need to input all my current savings and investments for June, and then only input additional savings July after? Stupid questions I know.


This is awesome, man! Very comprehensive. I have been managing our household budget for two years now in a similar fashion. My one recommendation to you – you might want to consider narrowing the “transaction” page down or creating drop-down/pre-filled areas. Speaking from experience, it becomes incredibly exhausting to have to fill out that many fields for every transaction you incur over the years! In mine – I have month (pre-filled), transaction category(drop down), amount paid, and description (optional). Seriously though, this is awesome!


Very noice. I’m an excel man myself, but I’ll definitely explore this further for new ideas for my own tool.