I often get asked if people can use my images as wallpapers for their phones. So here’s a collection of space themed wallpapers cropped from images I have taken over the last few years [OC]

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You are creative and sharing. Very nice of you.


Living in a completely urbanised little island country, it is low-key one of my life goals to see the Milky Way with the naked eye. I travel to Perth occasionally. Can you advise on how to achieve my goal?


Hey buddy, I appreciate this and will make one of them my phone background for sure, but you should really set up a Patreon or something. These photos have a lot of value and work put into them. If you set up a Patreon that costs $2/month and host the images there, you can actually get paid for the extremely skilled work you’re doing. I would absolutely pay for these.


Google drive is now blocking additional downloads. Too many downloads in a 24 hour period 🙁


I recognize the one on the right, I used that as my Soundcloud background for one of my really old (and also really bad) EDM songs back in like 2014 I think I removed it a long time ago but I still remember the picture