If I ate sugary cookies with a hefty amount of broccoli or another low-calorie & high-fiber food, would my blood sugar spike be reduced?

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Eating additional foods (broccoli, anything non-carb) with a high-glycemic food (sugar cookie) will help slow the rate at which glucose is released into the bloodstream, therefore it will (somewhat) slow the rate at which your blood sugar increases. But, this rate will range from person to person. Exercise (even a light stroll) is guaranteed to help you release insulin and therefore absorb glucose and lower blood sugar levels, if that helps! Do you have any insulin resistance or DM or are you just curious? Your body should be able to tackle the blood sugar rise if you do not have any insulin resistance/DM.


Isn’t that basically what fruit is? I think the spike would indeed be reduced.


I think it would have an effect to a degree. But it probably doesnt cause the same degree of delayed absorption that you see in foods with fiber and complex carbs.


Probably yes, but it’s like putting a helmet and head bang a wall


Maybe, but why would you do such a monstrous thing to your innocent cookies?