If I ever needed a reason to dislike religion more than I already do, this whole mess about transgender rights is only adding to that. As a trans person I hate the fact people want to erase me out of existence for their shitty beliefs.

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Far to many people use the bible as a “pick and choose” buffet of excuses. I.e. what they can use for “maximum smug justification” for their pre-conceived beliefs.


I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Their Jesus said that the most important rule was to “Love thy neighbor as they love themselves” and they basically ignore that ALL the fuckiing time. It’s even shittier when they actively do something like removing health care discrimination protection from us trans people. It’s disgusting AND immoral. Fuck them.


I hope there comes a day when both lgbtq pride month and black history month are no longer needed and they are just accepted year round


Also, I’m pretty sure that nowhere in the bible it says that a man isn’t allowed to turn his dick into a vagina, and vice versa. So I don’t even understand where they get the claim that trans people should be killed or whatever.


The Christian and Muslim bigotry against SGMs is a clear sign theirs are not religions of “peace and love.” It’s a lot of unnecessary hate and discrimination. Hate also damages the hater. There’s nothing divine or righteous about it.