Illinois Unemployment Doesn’t Exist

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Who is your local representative? I mean your state house member or state senator for the Illinois general assembly. Try their office. See if they can help with the road block.


I’m in the exact same boat. It’s the worst and I have no idea what to do anymore.


Hello neighbor. I am in Indiana and struggling with the same thing. Recently I got to a menu where I could leave a callback number. I did get a callback but it was someone barely whispering into the phone and said “you requested a callback?” I asked if this was the unemployment office and the call dropped. I called the number back and it said it was now outside of office hours and the office is closed.


I had almost this exact situation in Ca. I finally got a hold of someone after about 600 calls. I hung up and repeatedly called back. I did this for about 5 hrs straight. miraculously someone answered. They told me it could take up to 5 more weeks to receive my card. I’m really not counting on it but I’m not going to give up. Also I hid my number when calling. I noticed that when I did that, I got different prompts on the automated phone service. Good luck, you aren’t alone.


I’ve been having trouble in Arizona. The only way I can ever get through to the call center is to call three minutes before they open so by the time you get through the list phone options it’s actually the time they open. This has been the only tried-and-true method I have found over the course of a month of calling them. Hope this helps.