I’m bleeding money. Every time I think I’ve plugged a hole, another one crops up. Where do I make it stop?

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I agree you’ve got some crappy luck but your income is very good. Even with insurance , car payments and mortgage you should have more than half your net income remaining. This seems more like a budgeting issue. Start by building an emergency fund , this way when your luck runs out (again) you avoid taking out debt and/or digging into personal savings or investments


Ok that is a decent net income. Where is all your money going? If you’re not sure, start tracking for the next 2-3 months. Build a small emergency fund, $1-3k. Then, start tackling debt, like the auto loans.


You have a spending problem. You also bought an artificially cheap house with tons of deferred maintenance


Just wanna chuck in some sympathy and support. We also bought a $75k house off a landlord who made shit repairs to the property. Lots of hidden stuff the inspector didn’t pick up on. Our first year, we had furnace issues, plumbing issues, roof issues, dishwasher and fridge needed replaced, stove died, my car got hit (and insurance miswrote the claim as MY fault, meanwhile it happened overnight while I was sleeping), and both my fiancé and I went to the ER (me because I collapsed from stress, him because he had an abscess that stopped responding to antibiotics). Then my grandfather died, and on top of that we were finishing up our now-rental property which was a total gut. Then our cats got fleas, evidently from our neighbor who gets them bad; never had fleas in 16 years of owning cats until this place. 2200 sq.ft. of unlivable house for a few months, because you can’t retreat cats for 30 days even if the meds are ineffective. It was bad, soooo bad. All in the first year. We just couldn’t catch a break with this stuff. We also make about $75k/year. As you address these things, above all else just make sure they’re done *right*. It’s a major slog, but shut the door behind you one at a time as best you can. A lot of those things are one-shots, the repairs of which will last you a long time. Stuff like things being stolen just requires vigilance, or not leaving things visible in front of windows, or in cars, etc.. There are also inexpensive security measures that can be taken if it was a break-in. Anyway, just try to remember you’re getting a lot of bad juju out of the way now. We’re only in our second year here but it’s night and DAY different from last year. People on here are being super hostile but you make good money and bought a house that yeah, probably has repairs to justify the price, but can also last you a long time if taken care of properly. Expensive shit happens sometimes, just not usually all at once like that! So sorry this is happening to you, I’ve totally been there.


The numbers don’t add up here. You net $4K a month. Your housing cost is $600. Let’s say another $400 in relatively fixed costs (food, utilities). You’ve got $3K a month of cash coming in. Let’s say an appliance repair, an expensive vet bill, and 10% down on a new $10K car at $1K each; you can still afford it. However, you’ve got nothing left over. Shouldn’t matter too much because you start the next month in the green with another $3K, and those costs should come up only once every few months years. I don’t believe you have $3K worth of surprise expenses EVERY month. If your luck is really this bad where you have these expenses coming in month after month you have to cut your non fixed costs and ride this out. This is why you save. There’s also a lesson here about buying “cheap” fixer upper houses with a lot of maintenance and in bad areas it sounds like (you’re getting robbed and so on). Food for thought.