Interactive timeline about The history of space exploration

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This is great. I’m excited to see what instrumental historical figures you also add for the medieval era (which is often overlooked), such as Ibn Al Haytham and Al Biruni.


First of all, that’s very interesting, awesome job. I have one question: Can anyone shed light on why there are basically no events from 6 AD to 1514 AD? Were there just no significant developments in that period?


Slight correction: You have listed Laika (the first animal in orbit) at 1954. This is the year she was born, not the year she entered space (1957). As it stands, it seems like a dog reached orbit 3 years before the first satellite


The first known patent for a telescope was by Hans Lippershey, I think. Great list, by the way.


This is sick. I added to my home screen. Its just too much to sit down and read all at once. Thank you so much for all your hard work!